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Navagunjara is a creature from Indian History, particularly mentioned in the Odia Mahabharat. The people of Odisha believed Navagunjara, to be a fusion of nine different animals, including lion, elephant, horse, deer, Bull, peacock, snake, Cock, and human.

The legend of Navagunjara is associated with the epic Mahabharata, where the Pandavas, the five brothers who were the main protagonists of the epic, encountered the creature during their exile in the forest. The Navagunjara appeared before them, and they were bewildered by its unusual form. However, it soon disappeared after revealing its divine identity and blessing the Pandavas.

Navagunjara is considered a symbol of harmony, diversity, and the unity of all living beings. Its appearance represents the idea that all living beings are interconnected and that diversity should be celebrated rather than feared or rejected. The creature is often depicted in traditional art forms, such as Odissi dance and Pattachitra paintings, as well as in contemporary art and popular culture.



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