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Raja Festival, Pahili Raja, Sankranti, Greetings, Odisha Festival date


Raja Festival in Odisha, Pahili Raja, Sankranti, Greetings, Odisha Festival date.

Raja Date : 14 to17 June 2021

Raja is one of the most important festivals celebrated in the Indian state of Odisha. On this day, unmarried girls wear new dresses, eat famous regional dish Poda Pitha and make merry. Raja is a three-day-long festival to celebrate womanhood. The festival takes place on Mithuna Sankranti, where the second day of the festival signifies the beginning of the solar month of Mithuna from which the season of rain starts.

Raja is one of the most famous festivals in Odisha that pays tribute to the menstruation cycle. The festive is known for celebarting womenhood. It is said that the Goddess Vasumati gets her mensuration during this time. It is believed that mother earth menstruates during these three days and a ceremonial bath takes place on the fourth day known as Basumata Gadhua. This day is celebrated by girls wearing new clothes, taking swings, and hanging on the tree branches. Ploughing the fields does not take place and unmarried girls celebrate as it’s their day of celebration.

The first day of the 4 day festival is called as Pahili Raja, the second is Raja Sankranti, the third day is Basi Raja.

The fourth day is called Basumata Snana or Basumata Gadhua, in which ladies bathe the grinding stone as a symbol of Bhumi with turmeric paste and adore on flower sindoor etc.

Women wear new clothes and decorate themselves. On these 4 days of festivity, women are given a break from household work and are seen spending time on swings, playing indoor and outdoor games, and eating scrumptious food.

Odisha stands out to celebrate the menstrual cycle, standing out, sending a message that women are not impure during their periods.

Raja Festival

Raja Festival photos

poda-pitha-Raja Festival photos

Raja Festival photos



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