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World famous Silver Filigree works of Cuttack


Silver filigree works of Cuttack, Odisha is very widely known across the globe. The Filigree works particularly are unique examples of artistic excellence rarely to be seen in any other part of India. Silver wires, extremely delicate, are shaped into intricate designs. Forms of animals and birds, tourist places, history of Odisha, articles of daily use like vermilion receptacles are also made out of silver wires- Filigree ornaments, especially brooches and earrings are very popular among Indian women.

Cuttack also is known as the silver city of India is world-famous for Filigree work. Scenes from the Mahabharat have sometimes depicted in silver in particular interest is the chariot of Arjuna driven by Lord Krishna done in silver. One feels amazed is see the skill with which minute details of the chariot wheels have been worked.

The beauty of the chariot, the proud stance of the horses and the true-to-hi figures, all contribute to the overall majesty of the silver art effect. Locally known as “Tarakashi”, the silver filigree of Cuttack is noted for its delicateness and intricate workmanship.

World famous Silver Filigree works of Cuttack

The art is ancient, dating back to the dawns of early history. Made of silver drawn into threads as fine as spider’s web, the filigree jewelry and decorative artwork of Odisha is internationally known for its superb finish, fine foils, and texture – snow glaze, delicate artistry, and elegant craftsmanship.


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